Too Busy To Meditate? Ziva Yoga Emily Fletcher

Ziva gives you the tools to perform at the top of your game.

Too Busy To Meditate?

15,000+ others don't think so, see how they have benefited ...


Be The Most Amazing Version of YOU

powerful trio of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting modules (aka making your dreams your reality), that not only has the power to improve your health, sleep and sex life, but help you kick $$ at work and thrive at home.


Relax And Improve Your Future

Our amazing team of veteran meditators will help guide you on your journey, answer your questions, and help you weave this powerful practice into the busy-ness of your every day.

When you graduate from Ziva, you’ll have an incredible, supportive community, a super-powerful daily practice and the ability to step into your full potential.


Improve Your Quality Of Life

Over 15,000 students have learned to meditate with us in person or online , including Oscar, Grammy, Emmy and Tony award winners, NBA players, Fortune 500 CEOs, busy parents and entrepreneurs.

Join us and see for yourself

A trifecta of mental tools used by the world’s top performers. You learn the technique once and can then use them for the rest of your life!

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